• Parents charged after calling 911 for drunken teenage son


    ALPHARETTA, Ga. - Parents are outraged after they got alcohol citations when they called 911 to get help for their drunk and unconscious teenage son.

    The parents told Channel 2's Michael Buczyner that they were not home when their 18-year-old son drank until he passed out.

    Robert Ben-Hanania and his wife, Sandra, said their son and another teen were drinking vodka at their Alpharetta home while they were out to dinner.

    "I was frightened. I thought I was going to lose my son," Robert Ben-Hanania said. "We tried to wake him up. He wouldn't wake up."

    The couple called 911 for help.

    "We didn't know if he was going to live or die. We were scared to death. Certainly didn't think we were getting charged with anything," Robert Ben-Hanania said.

    The father said hours after medics took his son to the hospital, two officers came to his door. The Ben-Hananias are facing several charges, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor and maintaining a disorderly house.

    "They're false charges, and they're actually lies, outright lies," Sandra Ben-Hanania said.

    Police said two other people who were at the home Tuesday night were also arrested and charged with driving under the influence as they tried to leave the neighborhood.

    Investigators said 18-year-old Savannah Bartlett almost hit an ambulance that was heading to the home. She is facing a handful of charges, police said.

    Alpharetta police said officers have been called to the same home several times over the years for the same issues.

    The parents were charged with the same offenses last year. They said they were not home that time, either.

    "You're charging me for something I don't even know about. That's wrong," Robert Ben-Hanania said.

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