• Woman says pizza employee posted picture of her online after she complained about order

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A woman who picked up a pizza from a Little Caesars store said she went home to find a picture and offensive messages about her on social media. Michelle Duncan said an employee was responsible.

    "I'm looking and like wait a minute. I'm on Instagram," Duncan said after seeing the picture of herself in a Little Caesars pizza store Saturday. "I'm looking, and I say, 'I just left this place.'" Duncan said.

    She told Channel 2 Action News an employee took the picture and posted it on Instagram with vulgar comments about her.

    "We tried to give her a pizza that was already ready, and she talking about, 'I want a fresh one,'" the post said. (The other portion of the post is too graphic to publish.)

    Duncan said she waited more than 30 minutes for her pizza at the store in Riverdale. She said the store tried to give her a pizza someone took out and brought back in.


    "I told them I don't want the pizza, and they say, 'Well you [going to] be waiting even longer, I'm trying to hook you up,'" Duncan said.

    Moments later, she got a fresh pizza and went home. That's when her daughter showed her the offensive post. 

    "So I came back here to figure out why would somebody post me on Instagram," Duncan said.

    Duncan said a manager was rude when she complained about the post. 

    Channel 2 Action News went to the store to speak with another manager who was not involved. He apologized for the incident and said the employee and manager involved have been fired. 

    Duncan said there's a lesson in all this.

    "When they're at work, they need to stay off social media. They don't need to be posting all these things," Duncan said.

    An upper level manager at Little Caesars told us the employee who posted the comment on social media is 16, and the manager should have been aware she was on her phone and posting pictures, which violates policy.

    The store is giving Duncan 10 free pizzas.

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