Parents fearful to send kids back to school after eating tainted candy

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Parents told Channel 2 Action News they still don't know what caused their children to get sick at school.

News Chopper 2 flew over Sandtown Middle School in South Fulton County last Thursday when children were taken away in ambulances, apparently after eating tainted Valentine's Day candy.

Because of a short winter break, Wednesday is the first day Sandtown students will return to school since the incident.

Parents from middle school went to Gullet Elementary School on Tuesday night for a chance to find out what's happening with the investigation into what made so many kids sick.

Concerns about candy being potentially laced was on the minds of many parents.

"My child goes to school tomorrow and I am fearful," a parent said.


The regularly scheduled community meeting turned into a discussion among parents and district officials about communication and student health.

This comes after 28 students suffered symptoms including body aches and hallucinations last week.

"There will be school consequences that are going to be imposed. We know this," Fulton County Schools security chief Dr. Shannon Flounnory said.

He couldn't say much but said the investigation is close to wrapping up.

"I think we have a responsibility when students make not so great choices. We want to hold them accountable," Flounnory said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now testing food samples it received from school authorities Tuesday.

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Flounnory said a proper chain of custody meant they couldn't send the samples earlier.

"Each individual sample of evidence must be appropriately tagged and accompanied with a case number," Flounnory said.

“Parents aren’t happy,” parent Franchesca Warren said.

Warren is a concerned parent who said the community will feel better once everyone knows exactly what happened.

“I still think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered,” Warren said.