• Warrant issued for woman accused of setting home on fire


    DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. - A Dawson County woman said a fire that destroyed her house was an accident, but now a district attorney has issued a warrant for her arrest. The woman is facing felony charges.

    Nancy Phillips’ home was destroyed in March when a when a propane explosion destroyed her house on Wildwood Court in Dawsonville.

    Phillips told Channel 2’s Diana Davis that the home had been up for sale for more than a year. Six weeks ago, she showed Davis a letter from her insurance company. Allstate denied her entire claim, saying they believe the fire was set inentionally.

    “They believe that I had something to do with it, starting the fire, or arranging to have the fire started,” said Phillips.

    Tuesday the Dawson County district attorney issued a warrant for Phillips’ arrest on insurance fraud charges, which is a felony.

    “The state fire marshal investigation shared information with the insurance company, and we’ve just put all that together,” said Tim Satterfield with the Dawson County Emergency Services.

    In September, Davis asked Phillips if she was in any financial trouble when the house burned. She admitted she had lost large monthly Social Security payments to her children. She was cut off once they turned 18.

    “Their father was deceased and I knew my income was going down in the future,” said Phillips.

    In tears, she insisted she had nothing to do with the explosion or the fire.

    “That was my life. This is my children’s life. It was everything. This was everything I own,” said Phillips.

    The State Fire Marshall and other investigators say her statements don’t add up. Phillips is now in Florida. The county called Phillips’ lawyer informing her of the warrant.

    “They now have the option to come back. If not, we’ve also contacted the state fire marshal in Florida to assist in picking her up,” said Statterfield.

    The insurance fraud warrant may be the first of several more for Phillips.

    “Other warrants are pending at this time,” said Statterfield.

    Those additional charges against Phillips are expected to be filed in the next few weeks.  

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