Longtime attorney arrested, accused of faking judge's signature

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned a well-known attorney in Fulton County is now under indictment.

Elizabeth Vila Rogan has appeared in court many times as a veteran attorney and as a former Fulton County magistrate judge.

But she is likely to appear in court soon as a defendant indicted on a charge of first-degree forgery.

Rogan is accused of forging the signature of Roswell Municipal Judge Brian Hansford on a court document called an Order on Status of Firearms Rights.

"I think what these employees were saying is, 'We do not expect that person would be above the law.' In fact, I think what they were saying is, 'We would expect you to know better than anybody else,'" District Attorney Paul Howard told investigative reporter Mark Winne. "The lawyer in this case ... to present a document, trying to represent it as a judge's signature is a serious matter."

A document Channel 2 Action News obtained indicates a Roswell police officer met with Kimberly Moody, the Roswell court administrator. Moody said Rogan came in to have an order stamped.


According to the document, Moody stated she asked Rogan when the order was signed. Rogan replied, 'This morning.’ Moody said she knew Hansford was out that particular day.

The document suggests Hansford texted that he did not sign the order.

“Fabulous lawyer, known her for a long time, very experienced, had a plethora of different jobs,” high-profile defense lawyer Manny Arora said about Rogan. “I’m hoping there’s an explanation for it.”

Rogan’s attorney, Mike Moran, suggests the case “does not involve the taking or misappropriation of any money. We believe the charge is predicated on a misunderstanding, a series of miscommunications and the truth is that there has been absolutely no crime committed. Ms. Rogan has an impeccable record as a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney. Quite simply, she submitted a clarifying order in the belief that she had authority to do so.”

A Roswell police document Channel 2 Action News obtained says, "Judge Hansford believes that Ms. Rogan became impatient with how court proceedings were moving forward so she signed the document herself."

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