• Uber driver accused of peeping, burglarizing sorority girls' homes

    By: Tom Regan


    ATHENS, Ga. - An Uber driver is accused of targeting University of Georgia students for "peeping" and burglary. 

    Police said a man broke into a house where sorority members live and stole thousands of dollars worth of property. 

    Patrick McElroy, 30, was arrested and charged with counts related to breaking into the house. 

    Channel 2's Tom Regan spoke to one of the victims who said she nearly caught the suspect red-handed.


    "He came through this direction and he had a camera on his side right here," said Samantha Folk.

    Folk showed Regan how McElroy was captured on video, peering through the rear windows of the home she shares with other sorority sisters..

    "We hear shuffling down the stairs, went down to find out our room mate Alexis' window was wide open, Everything had been taken, anything he could fit into a pillow case, back pack. It was quite scary," Folk explained. 

    After arresting McElroy on a peeping charge Friday, authorities soon connected him to the house burglary and then went to his home.

    "Our detectives went and got a search warrant for the residence, and were able to recover some of the stolen items from the original burglary," said Epiphanio Rodriguez with Athens-Clark County Police.

    But the students told Regan what really creep them out, McElroy had picked some of them up for an Uber ride. They suspect he was probing for information on what they were doing to carry out his  crimes.

    "I'm not sure exactly what his intentions were through Uber but I do believe he used it as a tool to get what he wanted," Folk said.

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