Homeowner wakes up to sound of breaking glass, shoots and kills intruder

A home invasion did not go the way the intruders intended after the owner of the house came out shooting.

It all unfolded Friday morning along Valley Brook Lane in South Fulton County around 2 a.m.

South Fulton police said a man woke up to the sound of glass breaking inside his home. He grabbed his gun and went to see what was going on, police said, and he saw at least one man breaking into his home. So he grabbed his gun and confronted the intruders, police said.

Several shots were fired, and police said the homeowner killed one of the intruders.

During the shootout, according to police, someone shot the homeowner in the hand.


One neighbor, who wasn't home when the attempted home invasion happened, said he heard about it from other neighbors.

"I was just shocked because it's a quiet neighborhood. That's really the only reaction I had," said neighbor William Harris.

While police are still trying to figure out what the suspects were looking for in the home, Channel 2 Action News saw investigators taking several pictures of the Porsche and BMW in the garage.

We also saw narcotics investigators searching the house.

"From what I heard, they're trying to find out if it was random or somebody targeted him, and they can't find that out unless they search," said another neighbor.

Police said they're still trying to figure out if the homeowner will face any charges for shooting and killing one of the intruders.