• Hundreds of tires illegally dumped in area next to homes

    By: Matt Johnson


    EAST POINT, Ga. - Community members want answers after a very big pile of tires were dumped in South Fulton County.

    It’s a problem in many metro communities, and people want to know who is going to make it stop.

    Whoever has been doing it has been backing into the woods and dumping the tires. 

    Some neighbors had no clue there were so many tires next to their apartments.

    "It sort of makes me angry that someone don't care about people in the neighborhood," Tim Wilson told Channel 2 Action News.

    Wilson said he had no idea so many tires had been dumped deep in the woods right next to his East Point home.

    He knew there were a few but not the hundreds that someone has been dumping off South Commerce Drive near I-285.

    "Spend your money where it needs to be spent and don't dump where people got to live," Wilson said.


    The dumping has been going on for weeks. There is rainwater inside most of the tires, which attracts mosquitoes.

    "They need to get rid of this stuff," Charlene Buffington said.

    Buffington said she doesn't let her children play outside for long because of the increase in the number of mosquitoes.

    "I can't even let him out the door because he's getting bit rapidly by mosquitoes and his whole little body gets bit up," Buffington said.

    East Point city officials said they're investigating to determine if the tires are on city property or private property.

    They said the tires will be removed, but it could take as long as two weeks.

    Meanwhile, Wilson said his 6-year-old daughter has a rare blood disease and she has to avoid mosquito bites.

    "It can make her real sluggish," Wilson said.

    He said he wants the tires out of his community within days, not weeks.

    "When it comes to people's health, they should be more mindful of that," Wilson said.

    Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke to several neighbors who said they're going to be keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles.

    East Point police said anyone who is caught dumping tires will face a fine.

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