• 3 women dead, 1 person injured after train collides with car in South Fulton County

    By: Michael Seiden


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned three women were killed when a train collided with a car Monday in South Fulton County. Another person suffered minor injuries. 

    The crash was reported at Buffington Road and Roosevelt Highway around 4 p.m. Monday.

    A witness told Channel 2 Action News she tried to save the victims. Shardai Jett said she was sitting in her car at the intersection waiting for the train to pass when a car suddenly came out of nowhere.

    “I was screaming. I was trying to tell them, ‘No!’ but my window was up,” Jett said. 

    Jett said she watched in horror as a freight train smashed into the car as it attempted to cross over the tracks.


    "The engine (flew) and (there was) debris everywhere. Airbags, parts from the car, and that's when I pulled my car across the grass and jumped out and tried to go help the ladies," Jett said.

    Jett said the violent collision sent a Chevy Impala flying across the tracks, killing three of the women inside.

    "When I went to the car, I only see (sic) the two that was in the front seat until we opened the back door and it was two other ladies in the back seat," Jett said. "The one on the passenger side (was) pregnant and she passed away."

    The victims were identified as Lidonda Carter, 40,Santania McDowell, 18 and Mackenzie Mack, 16.

    The investigation is ongoing. 

    "The arms was (sic) down on the train track. The train did honk its horn before it got to the intersection," Jett said. "They tried to beat the train. I just wish they never tried to beat that train."

    The fourth victim is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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