• SCARY: Parents on alert after 3 attempted child abductions near a metro park

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. - A mother told Channel 2 Action News she stopped a man from kidnapping her son -- and she's not alone.

    Spalding County deputies said there have been two recent child abduction attempts involving a white van at Orchard Hill Park in Griffin.

    Investigators suspect a man and woman involved in each case may know each other.

    One mother, who didn’t want to show her face, told Channel 2 Action News that a man in a white work van tried to lure her son from their front yard.

    “Pulled up to my property and tried to get my son to get off his dirt bike and into his van with him,” the woman said. “I ran to the gate where my son was located, made my son back up and tried to run this man off. And he was making excuses on why he was there.” 

    Two days before, Spalding County deputies said a similar attempted abduction took place at Orchard Hill Park.

    A woman seen in a mid-to-late-90s Chevy Astro Van approached a little boy, took his hand, and started walking him away from the crowd to the back of the park.

    But a woman who knew the child saw her and confronted her.


    “Because she knew the child didn't belong to her. There was some interaction. The female let go of the child and took off running. She got into the van and left the area,” said Spalding County Sgt. Raymond Hightower.

    Spalding County deputies are working as if the two attempted kidnappings are related. They think the man and woman may be working together.

    Friday afternoon, deputies released a sketch of one suspect. The Sheriff's Office announced there was a third abduction attempt Friday night along Main Street in Milner. 

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