• Acworth road, boat ramp closed for at least 2 weeks due to large sinkhole

    By: Chris Jose , Carl Willis


    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. - If you’re looking to enjoy the spring weather on Tanyard Creek, add some time to your drive.

    A collapsed culvert near the Acworth boat ramp means the road will be closed for at least two weeks, Bartow County roads director Joe Sutton said Monday.

    The hole, which spans both lanes, was reported about midnight Friday. Sutton says a metal culvert that carries water from one side to the other collapsed and the road went down with it.

    The hole is about a half-mile from where Tanyard Creek Road Southeast meets Glade Road Southeast.

    “It was just an old culvert that just failed,” Sutton said. "Probably age had a lot to do with it.”

    He estimated the culvert was 30 years old.


    Replacing the culvert requires a custom pipe to be fashioned, which is why he thinks it’ll take at least two weeks.

    Neighbors say the road is a main route to I-75 for hundreds of drivers and the hole is adding a lot of extra time to their commute.

    "It’s a main road. It’s really the only way for us to get to 75 without having to go all the way up, and around to get to the interstate," Kayla Harmon said.

    She said it has added 25 minutes to her commute, but that's not her only concern.

    "It’s just gonna be a big inconvenience. Especially for the people on Glade Road on the other side. Their fire department is on this side. So they’re gonna have to go all the way around now. It’s gonna cause a delay if there’s fire," she said.

    Tanyard Creek Boat Ramp, a popular access to Allatoona Lake because of its close location to I-75, is also shut down until the road is repaired.

    The county plans to fix the road in three phases. First, crews will have to clear out the mess. Then they will replace the metal pipe. Once that is done, crews can patch up the road, a process officials say will take about two weeks.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributed to this report.

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