'Get over it' GOP gubernatorial candidate responds to critics of controversial ad

ATLANTA — A new political ad by a GOP gubernatorial candidate is generating a lot of buzz, both positive and negative.

Many Republicans said Kemp’s ad was meant to be funny, but many Democrats said there’s nothing funny about pointing a shotgun at a teenager.

In a statement, the Kemp campaign said, "Brian is a conservative. Get over it. He loves his daughters, (and) values our second amendment."


"Political advertising to a certain extent is theater," said WSB political consultant Bill Crane.

Crane said the ad was intended to be funny and, in fact, conservative radio talk show host Erick Erickson tweeted it was, “pretty funny.”

But Crane points out the ad may have fallen short of that humorous goal instead provoking criticism from gun control advocates.

Crane points out Kemp is running a tight race with Hunter Hill for second in what will probably be a runoff for the GOP nomination for governor.

He believes the ad is doing exactly what it was intended to do, energize the Republican base and generate buzz for the candidate.

"Every single vote caused by a humorous, even an angry discussion over the Second Amendment in a GOP primary probably helps him," Crane said.

The primary is May 22.