• Parents ask for help to find so missing for over a month

    By: Lauren Pozen


    Police have released the last known images of a 30-year-old man who disappeared weeks ago. 

    Seth Morgan was last seen at a Bartow County McDonald's on May 24. Surveillance video from that day appears to show him waiting in line, wearing a blue sweatshirt. 

    Channel 2's Lauren Pozen was in Bartown County, where Morgan's parents spoke at a press conference and asked for the public's help to find their son.

    "We love Seth. We miss him. We want him to come back home to us," Deidre Morgan said. "We want to know where he is. We know someone knows exactly where he is."

    Police say Morgan left for work at the Zep facility in Emerson the morning of May 24. Around 1 p.m., he took a taxi to the McDonald's in Cartersville. 

    Morgan then took the same cab to a cousin's house near Cartersville. He hasn't been heard from since. 

    Morgan's mother said not hearing from him ws unusual.

    “I spoke to him two, maybe three times in a week. If I didn’t speak to him, someone spoke to him so this is out of character," she said. 


    In the mean time, Morgan's parents aren't giving up hope and delivered this message to their son: 

    "We love you we miss you and we want to have you back home," Deirdre Morgan said.

    Police are asking anyone who has information to call them. 

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