North Fulton County

Neighbors upset with Backstreet Boys member renting out mansion as event space

MILTON, Ga. — Neighbors in a North Fulton community are not happy about how a member of the Backstreet Boys is using a mansion to throw parties.

As a member of the 90's boy band, Brian Littrell has enjoyed fame, notoriety and the love of fans worldwide.

But for people along Freemanville Road in Milton, Littrell has earned nothing but contempt.

Tamara Didjuris and Trish Stafford told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik that they bought their land for peace and quiet.

They say that quiet ended when Littrell rented a mansion next door.

"It's quite a shock to see everything that's going on next door at this point," Didjuris said. “They're planning events. Multiple events are on their site."

A Facebook page advertises the home as a performance venue.

"The city told him no once on the event facility, and then he went ahead and just did it," Didjuris said.


She told Petchenik that last week, she saw workers putting down a patch of asphalt. According to a text sent by someone working for Littrell, it's a helicopter pad.

"It's a liability for me because I have horses. I have children. Children play on this property all the time. I never in a million years thought I'd have to tell my kids, 'Watch out for helicopters,'” Didjuris said.

"We can't allow just some random neighbor to skirt the rules and put up a helicopter pad,” Stafford said. "That's all we ask, that the neighbors that live in this community be good neighbors and follow the letter of the law."

In a statement from the city of Milton, officials said they are now monitoring the property and will issue citations if they come across violations.

Petchenik contacted Littrell and received this statement:

"Brian and Leighanne Littrell have been members of the City of Milton for over two decades and are fully committed in preserving its rich history. The Freemanville Estate will be their second home in the area, and they do not intend to jeopardize the existing quality of life of residents in the community. The recently paved area at the Freemanville Estate was to add available parking for the Littrells’ guests. They have no plans to use this surface as a landing pad for any type of aircraft. Any and all activities that have occurred at the Freemanville Estate have been private gatherings consisting of the Littrell’s friends and family. Having raised their family in the City of Milton, the Littrells know firsthand how wonderful this community is for families, and will continue to do their part to advance the City of Milton."