North Fulton County man facing multiple charges in connection to U.S. Capitol riots

JOHNS CREEK Ga. — A Johns Creek man is facing multiple charges after being identified as the person seen attacking officers during the Jan. 6 attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

The Department of Justice said 46-year old Kevin Douglas Creek was arrested Wednesday after being identified on body camera video hitting an officer just before 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 6.

Court documents say that just a minute later, Creek can be seen kicking another officer in the West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol Building.

In the days following the riot, the Department of Justice received a complaint that Creek made comments about the riot at Northside Forsyth Hospital. An FBI arrest affidavit states that Creek was at the hospital after getting teargassed and bruised while in D.C.

The FBI says Creek is facing at least a half dozen charges and admitted to taking part in the Capitol siege. Petchenik found out investigators were able to identify him from his Facebook account by comparing pictures they had received.

Agents were able to confirm his identity based on a photo of a business card for a roofing business he owned. They were then able to track him to his Johns Creek home.

Documents show Kevin Creek admitted he was the man in the photos. They also show he voluntarily answered investigators questions when asked about if he had any regrets about participating in the incident. His answer was “50-50″.

Petchenik spoke to Ethan Chang who lives a few doors down from Creek and was flabbergasted to hear about his neighbor.

“That’s pretty shocking actually,” Chang said. “That’s pretty crazy.”


In a May 21 interview with the DOJ, Creek admitted to being armed with mace and a boot knife during the riots. He also admitted to being at the U.S. Capitol at the time of the riots. Creek was reportedly seen in the same areas investigators determined the suspect seen in photos had been.

When he was asked if he regretted his actions, Creek reportedly responded “50/50.”

Petchenik showed the affidavit to Lawyer Esther Panitch. She’s worked many cases in Federal Court and says his comments are likely not going to help Creek’s case.

“He came in voluntarily with a lawyer and gave an interview, a voluntary interview,” said Panitch. “So for that, that would help him bond wise. It may not help him in terms of the ultimate outcome of whether he’s guilty or not guilty”.

Petchenik left messages for Creek on his cell phone and e-mailed him to get his side of what happened, but has not heard back from him.