Neighbors concerned about deer hunters near homes - but law says it's legal

Neighbors concerned about deer hunters near homes - but law says it's legal

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Think deer hunting is just for rural areas of Georgia? Think again. State law allows hunters to hunt for deer in suburban areas.

Some neighbors in Roswell learned about that after calling 911 when they saw men armed with bows and arrows.

Channel 2's Berndt Petersen talked to police who want to let people know it's perfectly legal in neighborhoods.

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“I imagine a lot of residents out here would most likely freak out," said neighbor Shawn Carkuff.

Neighbors called Roswell police after they spotted two men bow hunting deer in a subdivision along Martin Road. But local authorities want people to know that bow hunting in the neighborhood is not illegal.

“Cities and counties in Georgia cannot regulate hunting," said Roswell Police Chief James Conroy.


But Conroy said his department is investigating whether the men had a permit, issued by the city, to discharge a weapon -- in this case, a bow and arrow.

Conroy said if they have permits, officers can’t make them leave.

State law allows hunting in residential areas but you do need permission from the property owner.  The chief said in this case, it was granted, then later denied.

Carkuff is not a hunter, but he doesn't have a problem with it in his neighborhood as long as they follow the rules.

“You can't go out here and cheat,” Carkuff said. “If you don't have the permit or permission from the land owner, you should not be out here."

DNR Game Warden Brock Hoyt said a hunter can hunt right along the edge of a homeowner's lot, as long as they have permission to.

Officials said hunters should check with HOAs before hunting. Some could fine anyone who shoots a dear in subdivisions.