• MINUTE-BY-MINUTE UPDATES: Top Atlanta mayoral candidates debate at WSB-TV


    ATLANTA - The top 8 candidates for Atlanta mayor had a fiery and passionate answers at WSB-TV's debate.

    Channel 2 Action News and the Atlanta Police Foundation hosted the debate on Sunday just weeks before the election to replace Kasim Reed. The debate focused on public safety, transportation, education and the economy.

    Here is a minute-by-minute look at the debate:

    6 p.m.: The debate ends. 

    5:53 p.m.: WSB Radio's Condace Pressley asks Keisha Lance Bottoms about perception of corruption-free administration. Bottoms responded she has an un-blemished record. 

    5:44 p.m.: Mary Norwood and Peter Aman sparred on who is at fault in the bribery scandal.

    5:40 p.m.: Channel 2's Justin Farmer asks about the Atlanta City Hall Bribery Scandal. Peter Aman said the mayor needs to work on corruption. 

    5:37 p.m.: Channel 2's Dave Huddleston asks Cathy Woolard what plan she would implement for the needs for young people who have already gotten into trouble. Woolard responded by saying that there are community centers, after-school programs and mentorships available for kids in trouble. 

    5:26 p.m.: Justin Farmer asks John Eaves about the police and the community: What can the police do better? Eaves responded by saying civilians should have a board to hold officers accountable. 

    5:19 p.m.: Channel 2's Justin Farmer asks the candidates about how Atlanta treats people with mental illness. Kwanza Hall responded by saying "we need to re-engage around mental illness" and we have to go back and figure out local solutions.

    5:10 p.m.: Channel 2's Justin Farmer asks about what to do about repeat offenders. Keisha Lance Bottoms responded by saying "we need to take a tougher stance" on the re-entry program.

    5:05 p.m.: The AJC's Greg Bluestein asked some of the candidates how they would have responded to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Atlanta last year. Vincent Fort responded by saying he was out in the street with the demonstrators, and said helped raise money to bail the arrestees out. He said he wants the movement supported. 

    5:01 p.m.: WSB Radio's Condace Pressley asked about specific ideas to help keep police officers in Atlanta. Ceasar Mitchell responds by saying that the boarded up homes, abandoned homes could be used to rent out to the officers. 

    4:59 p.m.: Channel 2's Huddleston asked Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mary Norwood and Peter Aman about the building of a new public safety training center and why it hasn't been built yet despite talks of plans. Aman responded by saying he supports the facility but first find the funding before construction.

    4:54 p.m.: The AJC's Greg Bluestein asked Mary Norwood if Atlanta police racially-profiles potential suspects. Norwood said police officers have to look at crime patterns, but also that racial-profiling does exist in the city and in the country. She added she has not seen the racial-profiling from the police department that she's seen in other cities.

    4:47 p.m.: WSB Radio's Condace Pressley asked every candidate about how they could increase the number of patrol cars in Atlanta.

    4:44 p.m.: Channel 2's Dave Huddleston asked Cathy Woolard and Vincent Fort about the Atlanta Police Foundation's report on the authorized strength of the Atlanta Police Department.

    4:36 p.m.: Candidates are responding to questions about law enforcement and how to keep officers in Atlanta.

    4:30 p.m.: We're live! The candidates for Atlanta mayor are debating on WSB-TV

    4:22 p.m.: The candidates are ready for the debate!

    3:30 p.m.: Candidates are arriving at the WSB-TV studios to prepare for the debate. 

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