• Man wakes up to find drunken stranger in his bed, police say

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Police said a drunken stranger walked into a Gwinnett County veteran's apartment and fell asleep next to him in bed. 

    Officers pulled the stranger out of bed and took him to jail.

    Channel 2 Action News' Tony Thomas has learned the resident, Peter Brownlowe, is a former Atlanta Police Department officer and an Army veteran. 

    "I was just on the bed sleeping like this and something woke me up," Brownlowe said.

    Brownlowe didn't realize he had left the front door of his apartment unlocked and, in the middle of the night Friday, he got the surprise of his life: A strange man, dressed only in underwear, was in his bedroom. 

    "He came in the bed and was actually laying in the bed with me so I got up and came around and said, 'Hey, what are you doing?'" Brownlowe said.


    The man didn't respond, but Brownlowe said he could smell alcohol. The former police officer called the cops instead of getting into a fight right there. 

    The man was still sprawled out when two Duluth officers arrived. He didn't wake up until he was already in handcuffs.

    "When I came out here, I saw his pants on my couch and his shoes are right there by the door and his cellphone is on top of his pants," Brownlowe said.

    Police identified the drunken sleeper as Sangyul Jo, 34, and said he actually lives three buildings down. 

    "He could have actually killed me in that bed right there because I was actually asleep," Brownlowe said.

    Brownlower knows he and Jo are lucky.

    Police charged Jo with public drunk and disorderly conduct.

    Records show he spent about 13 hours in jail and was released on bond.

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