• Man says Facebook comment leads to fight with deputy

    By: Tom Jones


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - A man says his Facebook status update led to a violent confrontation with a Fulton County sheriff'sdeputy.

    Mark Hunt, a 13-year Sheriff's Department veteran, now faces a misdemeanor battery charge in connection with the July incident.

    Miles Alexander said it all began when he logged on to Facebook.

    "I posted on my Facebook status," he told Channel 2s Tom Jones.

    According to Alexander, what he wrote on Facebook led to loud banging at his door. He said his girlfriend's stepfather then barged in with a gun. "It was on his waist," he said.

    Alexander said the enraged man punched him and then beat and kicked his brother when he tried to help.

    "I got kicked, stomped and punched," Mikel Alexander said.

    The brothers said Hunt who assaulted them.

    "He shouldn't be a deputy. Not at all," Miles Alexander said.

    College Park police arrested Hunt and charged him with battery.

    Miles Alexander said Hunt has never liked him and always tried to bully him. He said got fed up and posted a status update that said: "I only deal with you because I love her."

    Using some profanity, the update went on to say, "I only have to see you every blue moon but truth be told I hate you man."

    Alexander said the post never mentioned Hunt's name. He said he later got a phone message from Hunt saying he heard about the post. Alexander played the recording.

    "You need to stay out my vicinity because I don't know how I might react on you. You need to stay out my face. I'm telling you," the recording said.

    Alexander said hours later the deputy and two of his relatives were at his home punching him and his brother.

    "All of this over a Facebook message," Alexander said.

    The brothers said Hunt doesn't deserve to wear the badge.

    "I want justice. I want him fired," Alexander said.

    Jones could not confirm that it was Hunt's voice on the phone message and we haven't been able to reach him for his side of the story.

    A Sheriff's Office representative said an internal affairs investigation is under way. The rep said since the battery charge is a misdemeanor Hunt is still on active duty.

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    Man says Facebook comment leads to fight with deputy