• Man describes Atlanta-bound flight where engine exploded


    ATLANTA - An Atlantan who was on a flight when an engine exploded and then smoke filled the cabin talked to Channel 2 Action News.

    Arturo Adonay described it as the most terrifying experience of his life.

    "I was getting ready for my last moments. I was preparing myself like this is it, we are going down," he said.

    Adonay told Channel 2's Erica Byfield it was about 20-30 minutes into the Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas to Atlanta when he heard two loud explosions.

    "Then everybody started screaming. I was just holding myself and my feet, just trying to keep myself in the seat, it was horrible," Adonay said.

    The married father of two said in that instant he thought about his family.

    Seconds later, the cabin filled up with smoke and he saw sparks.

    "You can barely see the guy next to you. It was kind of all full of smoke; the mask never came out," he said.

    When the smoke cleared Adonay said he reached for his phone. He told Byfield about a message he recorded to his family.

    "I said, 'I love you, I will miss you, take care of the kids, just let them know that I will' … don't ask me this because it was hard," he said as tears formed in his eyes.

    Adonay went on to say the plane was in a free fall for about five minutes.

    When the plane finally landed, he took pictures of the engine that did not explode and then went to a bathroom stall and called his wife.

    "I just cried and I thanked God that he gave me another opportunity," he said.

    Adonay never sent the message he recorded. He planned to hit send right before the plane crashed.

    He told Byfield he is beyond thankful he didn't have to send it.

    "I think there is a plan for me and the 145, 150 passengers who were on the plane," Adonay said.


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