Loved ones remember high school graduate killed in DUI crash

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Family and friends of a Decatur High School graduate killed by an accused drunken driver honored her with a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night.

Kennedy Segars, 18, died last week after police said Reginald Stubbs, 52, crashed into her in Lithonia while drunk.

Since the crash, family and friends have demanded that a judge deny any kind of bond to Stubbs before a trial.

At last week's hearing the judge said Stubbs will remain in jail while he takes more time to decide whether to let him out.

"I just pray that he doesn't, because he has the potential to hurt or kill somebody else, and I just don't want nobody to go through what our family is going through," said Kennedy's father, Marvin Segars.


A detective testified that Stubbs admitted to drinking three beers, three margaritas and a shot of alcohol every time Georgia scored during a game versus Louisiana State University.

Even before Kennedy Segars' family knew about the details of the crash, her father told Channel 2's Matt Johnson what happened is unforgivable.

"A grown man at that age, you know better. You know what's right (and) wrong. There's no excuse," Marvin Segars said.

At the vigil, friends kept the focus on Segars' life and all the people she helped along the way. Friends and teachers shared stories about the former DHS standout student and cheerleader who had just started college with dreams of being a lawyer.

"She was very, very smart, and she was a role model to a lot of people even me," said friend, Alazia Thrash.

With each candle and each tear, Kennedy's father hopes it sends a message to anyone else who thinks about driving drunk.

"Everything is so senseless, it just doesn't even make sense. You got Uber, you got all these things to do and you take someones life? It's just horrible man," Marvin Segars said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with funeral arrangements. You can donate here.

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