Baby found lying on car floorboard, on top of loaded gun, police say

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police said a father had a 3-month-old on his lap while driving down a busy Gwinnett County highway, putting her in serious danger.

Police told Channel 2 Action News when they first pulled the driver over, he seemed very agitated, and officers didn't see the baby right away.

When the man, identified as Detavis Madison, got out of his car, officers said they spotted the infant on the driver's floorboard, resting atop a stolen handgun.

And police said it got worse.

Body camera video Channel 2 Action News obtained captured the following exchange between an officer and Madison:

Officer: Do you understand why I stopped you?

Madison: You stopped me because I had my baby...

Officer: In your lap?

Madison: In my lap.

Officer: How was that a good idea?

Madison: It wasn't a good idea. 


Snellville police said they had a report Madison was driving from Lawrenceville into Snellville carrying his infant daughter in his arms.

Madison claimed he was just about to stop and change her diaper.

"Drivers side door, there's marijuana," an officer was heard saying on the body cam video.

Police said they also found up to 600 ecstasy pills shaped like Lego characters.

"That's what your concerned about? You're not concerned about your daughter?" an officer asked Madison.

"I'm concerned about my daughter," Madison responded.

"He's got an extended mag right here in 'tween the seats. This would have been real bad, real quick," an officer said.

Soon after hearing about the incident, Channel 2's Tony Thomas began checking records about the stolen gun: a Glock model 22 .40 caliber. The extended round could hold 30 more rounds.

Records show it was stolen in Atlanta in 2016. Thomas emailed the Atlanta Police Department, which is checking into more of the gun's background.

Madison now faces five different charges. The child's mother came and picked up the baby and authorities seized the car.

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