Stockbridge officials say new city creation could be catastrophic to economy

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Stockbridge city leaders said a proposal in the state legislature to create another city in Henry County would steal around 50 percent of Stockbridge's revenue and be catastrophic to the city.

But leaders of the proposed city of Eagles Landing said Stockbridge's leaders are being sensational and deceitful.

“The main issues I have with annexation is that it's unfair. We are losing 50 percent of revenue from the city,” said Stockbridge city council member Elton Alexander.

Alexander is trying to gather residents to fight the proposed city of Eagles Landing that he calls an assault.


“Every city previously that was formed has been formed out of unincorporated territory. This is an assault on our sovereign territory,” Alexander said.

Stockbridge’s city manager and community development director back Alexander up.

“This proposal would take the existing city of Stockbridge and remove about 50 percent of the commercial revenue, a large portion of land area. That is unprecedented, has not been done in Georgia,” Knighton said.

“It would open Pandora’s box, for instance Atlanta, tomorrow could be faced with Buckhead being de-annexed to be part of someone else’s city,” said Community Development Director Camilla Moore.

“There’s a lot of things they don’t tell the public and it’s kind of deceiving," said Vikki Consiglio.

Consiglio, who lives in what would become the city of Eagles Landing, calls a feasibility study misleading and flawed.

“There’s over 1,000 acres of retail businesses that they would get income from. They did not include that in their study,” Consiglio said.

Consiglio said they are trying to deceive the general assembly.