• Police say this man took photos up a woman's skirt -- and they need help finding him

    By: Matt Johnson


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators are searching for a man who they say took a photo up a woman's skirt while in the checkout line at a Kroger store.

    The incident happened June 14 at the store on Hudson Bridge Road in Henry County.

    Police said surveillance video shows the flash on the man’s phone go off while he is holding the phone under a woman’s skirt.

    “I feel violated, completely violated,” she said. “I don”t expect to be unsafe in a grocery store.”

    She said she was doing Father's Day shopping at the grocery store.

    “His getting into my personal space was something I did not want nor give him permission to,” Morales said.


    She was in the checkout line when she said she felt someone touch her leg at around 12:30 p.m. That's when she says she saw the man in the surveillance pictures with his phone in his hand and the camera app open.

    “His excuse was he was tying his shoe, and said if you’re tying your shoe why are you touching my leg,” she said. “I asked to see his phone and when I asked to see what the last picture of was on his phone he began to shake with his hand.” 

    She said the man dropped his groceries and ran off.

    Police said surveillance video shows that "the flash on his phone goes off" while his hand and phone are under Morales' dress.

    She hoped the pictures released by police help other women be on alert.

    “I really just hope we catch him so he doesn’t do it (to) anybody else,” Morales said. 

    Police say this crime will come with a felony charge if the suspect is identified and arrested.

    Kroger sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement:

    "The safety of our customers and associates is our top priority. We are working with the Henry County Police Department as they continue their investigation and seek to apprehend the perpetrator."

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