• CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Masked gunmen hold up Gainesville gas station

    By: Christian Jennings


    HALL COUNTY, Ga. - Police are trying to find the armed and masked gunmen who rushed into a Texaco gas station and robbed the place. It happened on Park Hill Drive last Tuesday in Gainesville.

    "They just took the money, got in and out really fast," said Vincent Del Vecchio, the clerk who was on duty at the time and can be seen on the surveillance video.  

    The store is just a couple of blocks away from a CVS where a man was killed in a robbery earlier this month.

    Two customers were inside the gas station with the clerk, who followed the gunmen's commands.

    “He said, ‘Uh everybody freeze. Give me all the money right now. Open that register,’” Del Vecchio said.

    Del Vecchio said he managed to stay calm when two men wearing masks pointed guns at his face. 

    "I’m just focused, like, no sudden moves, don’t frighten them," Del Vecchio said.

    The store owners said there are three suspects seen in the video. Shortly after the two men approached the counter, another man ran past them. 

    "And one came and he took the beer: Corona Light, 12-pack," co-owner Shama Jindani said.


    Five days before the robbery, police said Demarvin Bennett killed Jack Hough during a robbery outside the CVS on Park Hill Drive. The drugstore is just a couple of blocks away from the Texaco station. 

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    "We are scared. We are scared and like not feeling as we were feeling before," co-owner Shabnam Jindani said.

    The Jindanis opened the store seven years ago. It's the first time they've ever been robbed.

    “Suddenly, maybe six months, it’s become rough. I don’t know why,” Shama Jindani said.

    Gainesville police Chief Jay Parrish said his department is taking action in response to the increased crime on Park Hill Drive -- dedicating a patrol officer, undercover officers and K-9 teams to the area.

    "They are doing very good very good, right now," Shama Jindani said.

    "In the morning time, our clerk told us they’re coming in like number of times in morning and afternoon with K-9 and going and searching," Shabnam Jindani said.

    In light of the recent crimes, the owners said they plan to upgrade their camera system.

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