Hall County

Man accused of killing businessman at CVS says he doesn't understand charges

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Family and friends gathered Monday morning to remember a prominent businessman who was killed outside a CVS in Hall County.

At the same time, the man accused of killing him went before a judge for the first time.

Police say DeMarvin Bennett, 24 of East Point, shot 73-year-old Jack Hough during an attempted robbery while Hough waited for his wife in their car. Police arrested Bennett Sunday in East Point.

Channel 2's Tom Regan has been following developments in the case since the shooting happened last week.

Regan is in Hall County, where a judge denied bond for Bennett. The man looked bewildered when the judge announced the charges against him.

"What is malice murder? I have no clue of what that is," Bennett told the judge.

Police said Bennett has committed prior crimes and had fingerprints on record that helped police find him.


Last week, Regan spoke to friends of Hough, who described him as a good businessman, friend and philanthropist.  Hundreds gathered to say a final goodbye at the funeral services Monday.

"There were probably 600 to 700 people today at his memorial service. Jack was just great. The minister knew him well. So he did a great eulogy," friend Kevin Wetzel told Regan.

Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish said the case was a top priority for the department.

Hough's death is one of four "random unrelated acts of gun violence” in recent weeks, according to a video message Parrish posted Friday.

“We understand your alarm and concern for your safety in the city,” the police chief said. “We know that random acts of violence are not the norm for Gainesville, Georgia."