• Metro mother warns about pornographic material on popular video game

    By: Justin Wilfon


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A Gwinnett County mother says she was horrified to see porn on a popular online game her 8-year-old son was playing.

    The makers of Roblox told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon that they have people on the lookout for inappropriate content 24/7.

    But one parent said something terrible slipped through the cracks.

    “I started recording the screen because I had never seen anything this inappropriate in a game,” the mother said, asking not to be identified. “He said, ‘Look mom, a p****.’ I’m, like, ‘A what?’ That’s when I immediately grabbed the phone from him.”

    She says the pornographic scenes played out on a site that’s popular with kids -- the online video game platform called Roblox.

    On the website, users can build their own games and the mother believes someone went too far.


    “Male body parts, female body parts. They’re able to have intercourse with each other,” the mother said.

    Wilfon contacted Roblox on Friday to see what may have gone wrong.

    In a statement, a representative said:

    "The game was in violation of our terms of service and we removed it within minutes of it being published as part of our 24x7 moderation efforts. We also banned the developer from our platform and all associated accounts."

    Roblox said they were unable to determine the origin of the images the mother captured.

    “Parents do not know that this is going on, on a game that they expect to be well monitored,” the mother said.

    Roblox told Wilfon that they do all they can to make sure all games on the site are safe.

    But the shocked parent said they need to do better.

    “I’d like to see them monitor the games more,” the mother said.

    Roblox has a parents’ guide on their website, which they say offers all the information needed about how to keep kids safe.

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