Gwinnett County

Man says lawn care service killed his yard

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The nation's largest lawn service has thousands of complaints filed by customers with the Better Business Bureau.

Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland checked the record after hearing from a Johns Creek man who said TruGreen left a brown lawn.

“Anybody who was here would say it was spectacular and all I could do was talk about my fescue lawn,” homeowner and local realtor Dee Allen said. “We had literally spent $5,000 creating this lawn and now it's seemingly gone.”

TruGreen admitted to Strickland that it’s retraining service technicians to make sure improper chemicals are not applied.


Strickland found 2,466 complaints closed in the last three years by the Better Business Bureau. About half of those complaints had to do with the product or service.

The company maintains an A+ rating, because it responds to each complaint. The response is not always satisfying.

“As aggravated as I am about the lawn itself, I’m even more aggravated at the poor response,” Allen said.

Allen said TruGreen did call him, hours after Strickland emailed them about Allen’s situation.

According to the BBB, TruGreen told another customer with a damaged lawn that a tech "will be going out to look at the lawn on 08.07.18 or 08.08.18 of this week."

The customer told the BBB, “My wife wasted three days waiting for someone to show up.”

“I'm just very aggravated with the processes,” Allen told Strickland.

TruGreen did not respond to Strickland’s questions about the BBB record.

The company does say it will be back out at Allen’s home on Tuesday to re-sod the entire front lawn.

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