Gov. Kemp's choice to replace Isakson could open opportunity for Democrats, analysts say

Gov. Kemp prepares to announce Sen. Isakson's replacements

ATLANTA — Governor Brian Kemp will announce his pick to replace retiring senator Johnny Isakson on Wednesday morning.

Multiple sources confirm to Channel 2's Richard Elliot Kemp will choose businesswoman Kelly Loeffler.

Kemp didn't speak about his likely choice Wednesday when he lit up the official Georgia Christmas tree at the capitol. That choice is drawing criticism from conservatives across the U.S who want him to pick Georgia Congressman Doug Collins.

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But the situation could be tricky: Loeffler will have to run in 2020 to fill out the remainder of Isakson's term. If Collins decides to run against her, Democrats think it could split the Republican vote and make it easier for their candidate to win.

"I think it's an absolutely great opportunity for one strong Democratic candidate to come through and win the election in 2020, possibly without a runoff," said South Fulton Lawmaker William Boddie.


Boddie and Cobb County Senator Jen Jordan both point out that 2020 will be what's called a "jungle election," meaning Republicans and Democrats will all run together in one primary.

They think that if Collins and Loeffler split the Republican vote, then a strong Democratic candidate could win the senate seat.

"And I think all it's going to do for us is open up an opportunity to show people that we care about the issues, and they can take their side battles and their fight on Twitter to the side while we try and get things done," Jordan said.

This choice is making news all around the country.