Google is expanding its footprint in Atlanta, offering new opportunities

ATLANTA — The expansion of operations by Google in Atlanta will provide new tech industry jobs for Atlantans.

“Your opportunities are endless when it comes to this type of industry,” Curtis Kirksey said.

Kirksey is excited about what is happening in the tech industry in Atlanta. He was in sales before the pandemic, but was laid off because of COVID-19. He decided that it was time to make a career move.

Kirksey enrolled in Google’s IT certificate program. He knew little about the tech industry at the time, but decided to take a chance.

“They are going to start you off with a computer and tell you, this is a mouse, and this is the track pad, and you’re just going to learn and level up,” Kirksey said.


He just finished the course and already has a better job than his previous one.

“You can get paid fairly well in this field. My income is better than it was before, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to that as well,” Kirksey said.

Google is looking for more people like Kirksey.

The company will open a 19-floor office building in midtown. Google is planning to invest $25 million in the state. They are looking to hire a diverse work force, and that’s one of the reasons Atlanta was chosen.

Kirksey hopes he will be one of those chosen to work with Google here in Atlanta.

“That would be a dream job to work for Google, and to know they are like in my backyard ... it gives me hope,” Kirksey said.