• Retaining wall that collapsed two years ago is damaged again


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - A retaining wall that collapsed after a storm and shut down a road at a busy Forsyth County shopping center for over a year has been damaged again.

    This time, a car wreck took out paver bricks all over the place. Locals told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen they would normally not consider this a big deal but they say this spot has a terrible track record.

    The entrance to the Flynn Crossing Shopping Center was shut down for over a year after a retaining wall collapsed during an April 2017 rainstorm.  The county was stuck with a $900,000 bill to repair the entrance to a privately owned strip mall.

    "It was awful. Months. A year?" said local resident Cheryl Nakahata.


    "I actually just came back from living in Europe for a year. When I left, the wall was all over the road and had the street blocked.  And when I came back, it was still not fixed."

    It was finally finished last summer. But last Friday night, the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office said a couple of cars collided at the corner and they destroyed a smaller section of the wall, a few paces from the original repair.

    Because an issue led to it taking so long to fix it the first time, some people are afraid these blocks may be lying about for quite a while.

    "It could be a bad luck wall. I wouldn't want to ask taxpayers to pay for it again," Nakahata said.

    County officials are now trying to figure out who is responsible for this spot. Is it the county, the state or the shopping center?

    They said whoever it is may have to lawyer up to present the repair bill to the driver who caused the damage.

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