Forsyth County

Deputy who rescued newborn in plastic bag says he did what any dad would do

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The deputy who rescued a newborn from a plastic bag in Forsyth County said his fatherly instincts took over.

Deputy Terry Roper's body camera captured the exact moment he opened a plastic bag and found "Baby India" inside.

Roper got the call after neighbors heard crying and found the bag under a pile of leaves.

“They said it was either a baby or an animal, and they weren’t exactly sure what was making the noise,” Roper said.

By the time he got there, Roper said he knew it was an infant and he had to help.

“I could immediately tell she was reasonably healthy even though she had just been dropped off on the side of the road,” Roper said.


Paramedics quickly got to the scene and determined the newborn was just fine, aside from being a little cold.

Roper, a father of two, said he did what any dad would do.

"When we were able to pick her up -- wrap her up and get her a little warm -- I was able to hold her a little close to me and I was able to talk to her a little bit. I was actually able to calm her down a little bit," Roper said.

Authorities have been searching for the baby's mother since they found her on June 6. Officials are asking anyone with information to come forward.