• Family buries 2-week-old allegedly killed by father

    By: Chris Jose


    NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - The funeral for the 2-week-old girl who was allegedly killed by her father happened Friday morning.  

    J.C. Harwell & Son Funeral Home and Cremation Chapel held a private funeral for Caliyah McNabb, who was found dead Sunday.


    A vault company also donated the casket for burial, co-owner of the funeral home Mary Evelyn Davis said. The family has requested further details regarding the service not be released. 

    Jose spoke to Caliyah's grandfather this morning, and he described today as "difficult." 

    Police believe her father, Christopher McNabb, hit Caliyah in the head with a blunt object, wrapped her in a T-shirt and blanket and placed her body in a duffel bag. 

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