Dozens of bats invade apartment building

UPSON COUNTY, Ga. — An Upson County resident said it was like living in a horror movie. Dozens of bats filled her apartment building.

The outside of the Fairview Apartments looks harmless enough. But some tenants said they are afraid of what’s inside.

"They were all over the place. I was running. I was scared. Me and my children were getting out of there,” Triona Webb said.

Webb said dozens of bats, enough to fill half of a 5-gallon bucket, were removed from her unit.

Tenants said it happened a few months ago.


But lately, they said, they can once again hear squeaking inside the walls.

"Anything can happen. They could bite us. They come out at night when we're sleeping so anything can happen,” Jovon McGill said.

Channel 2 visited the management office on the property during business hours, but the doors were locked. We put our contact information through the mail slot.

Webb said the situation is like a nightmare that keeps playing in her head over and over again.

"Maybe 40 or 50 bats in a bucket that they got out of one room,” Webb said.

Georgia wildlife officials want to talk to the company that removed the bats, because the animals are a protected species in the state.

In 2016, Channel 2's Craig Lucie did an investigation on bats in Georgia. CLICK HERE to watch and read the report.