• Pavement buckling due to water main break on busy DeKalb Co. road

    By: Christian Jennings


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Several neighborhood properties are now damaged after a water main broke in DeKalb County.

    The water main break happened on LaVista Road near Midvale Road around 6 a.m., Wednesday.

    Channel 2’s Christian Jennings talked to neighbors who said they saw water rushing in the area for hours.

    When Canan Dilek and her family first woke up and heard the sound of rushing water, they thought it was raining outside.

    "But, then, I looked out the window and saw the water coming," Dilek said.


    The destructive, powerful water ruined Dilek's driveway.

    "That's my dad's car, so we were unable to go to work today," Dilek said. " We're just waiting for them to get the water shut down."

    Dimitre Spiriev, another resident, said the water flowed for hours underneath his home through a crawl space, creating riverside property that has Spiriev worried.

    "It may collapse the whole house because there's a lot of water and it continues to run," Spiriev said.

    Officials said it was after 11 a.m. when the water was finally shut off.

    The water main break didn't just destroy people's property, it also left a gaping hole and damage, which will take quite a while to repair. 

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