Drivers rejoice: Crews filling potholes across DeKalb County

Crews are targeting about 300 miles of the county?€™s worst roads.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Drivers will love this – People living in DeKalb County should notice a smoother ride as crews work to fill potholes across the county.

Crews are targeting about 300 miles of the county’s worst roads.

It’s a lot of road to repair but the work is getting done. Crews are out six days a week filling pot holes and the county said it’s happening faster than anticipated.

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Christopher Brantley knows Dekalb County roads well -- he’s a Lyft driver. He said bad roads are hurting his livelihood.

“So everyday my tires, my alignment, also struts or whatnot,” Brantley said. “I just had to buy some tires the other week.”

DeKalb County has 1,900 miles of roads.


SPLOST money will pay to repair 300 miles of the worst ones. The county said years of neglect, bad weather and heavy traffic caused pot holes to pop up on many of the county’s roads.

Once the holes are filled, crews can resurface them.

“Now we have the resources necessary to fill the potholes, but more importantly, resurface streets,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond.

Residents like Bobby Hailey said they’ve waited years for this work. He was so excited, he came out to see the work for himself.

“It’s about time they fix these roads,” Hailey said. “You run your tire over the road, you could bust your tire and everything. A flat tire.  But it’s a good thing they’re doing all that.”

The first 100 miles is scheduled to be done in September.