Teen's wardrobe malfunction at school dance ends up on photographer's website

Teen says photos of wardrobe malfunction at dance were put online

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A Cobb County mother wants answers and action after an inappropriate picture of her teenaged daughter ended up on a professional photographer's website.

The family filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit Wednesday.

It all stems from a picture taken at a school dance.

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The 15-year-old girl told Channel 2 Action News she is devastated about what happened.

"People sometimes pick on me every now and then like about my body type,” the girl said.

We’re protecting this teen’s identity because of what she’s been through after an incident at a high school dance.

"I tapped on the link and I saw like THE picture," the teen said.

The dance was in September, but it wasn't until January that she said she found out the picture was online, on a professional photographer's website, and available for purchase.

She didn’t realize part of her dress slid down, leaving her exposed.


"I didn't really know they were taking the pictures, the professionals,” the girl said.

The student's mother said her daughter is staying strong, but it's been incredibly difficult.

"It was devastating. No mother wants to see their daughter exposed on the Internet,” the mother said.

The photograph was on the website of Cady Studios Photography, which has locations in Acworth, Dacula and Johns Creek.

The family's attorney said a manager emailed an apology which reads, in part, “I am horrified that this even happened. Please know I am addressing with our team immediately. We have a process of three people to review photos prior to posting; however, we are investigating where the breakdown happened.”

"Those controls that are in place make sure that those are working," the girl's mother said.

"For a major company like Cady Studios to post online a picture of a minor partially nude is inexcusable,” said the family’s attorney Chris Stewart.

A school district spokesperson told Channel 2 Action News that as soon as the school became aware of the photo on the vendor website, officials contacted the vendor and removed it.