Cobb County

3 teens arrested after night of video games turned violent

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A woman admits her “mama bear” instinct kicked in when she chased after a group of intruders who walked into her home with a gun.

Police say a group of teenagers ambushed the woman's son and his friends while they were playing video games in the basement.

Two girls were there, and police say they’re involved.

“I ran down, I went right to the garage and just ran right out. And that’s when I saw them,” Isabel Lay-Meireles said.

The mother told Channel 2 Cobb County bureau chief Chris Jose that she had no time to think about the intruders, just react.

After a long weekend of celebrations including a graduation party, Lay-Meireles said she and her husband were asleep when their son had friends over to play video games on Monday night.


The mother told Jose that she didn’t know two girls, Sarah Austin and America Lesesne, were invited over.

“The one girl has been at my house at one time. You set me up,” Lay-Meireles said.

While the teens were hanging out at the house on Glory Maple Trace, Cobb County police say Thomas Poole walked in with two other people early Tuesday morning. Investigators say one of the suspects with Poole had a gun and demanded an iPhone and a Gucci wallet.

“When it happens to you and two boys that had guns to their foreheads, that’s an issue,” Lay-Meireles told Jose.

Isabel’s son wasn’t in the same room. He heard the commotion and ran upstairs.

The concerned mother rushed down to confront the intruders.

“And I just heard robbery, guns, jumped out of the bed. And just ran outside. I was calling 911,” Lay-Meireles said

Police arrested the trio, but two others remain on the run. All three teens are facing adult charges of burglary, home invasion, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

“You didn’t stop the car and you kept going. And a gun? It’s a lot,” Lay-Meireles said.

She and her son are expected to meet with the lead investigator on the case Wednesday night.

All three teenagers are currently locked up in the Cobb County Jail with no bond.