Cobb County

Family vows to continue to fight for justice after officer cleared in teen’s deadly shooting

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — The Cobb County police officer who shot and killed a teenager won’t face charges.

The family of Vincent Truitt, 17, and their attorneys are calling on state lawmakers to watch the case closely.

In an exclusive interview, family members told Channel 2 Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose that they have concerns about the way the district attorney gave the case to a grand jury.

The district attorney confirmed prosecutors presented evidence, but no charges.

“I’m just so sorry that someone hurt him like that. And me as a mother, I wasn’t there to protect him,” said Venethia Cook-Lewis, Truitt’s mother.

Family members said they want full transparency and accountability in the case.

“Nothing is going to bring Vincent back. But this family is going to continue until we get justice,” said Deborah Howard, Truitt’s grandmother.

On Thursday, police dash cam and body cam video in the case was released for the first time after Cobb County District Attorney Flynn Broady said a grand jury recommended no further action in the case.


The video begins with officers chasing after a stolen Altima. Truitt is a passenger in the car.

The chase ended behind a warehouse.

The video shows Truitt get out of the car and run away. Shortly after, you see and hear Officer Max Karneol fire two shots.

During a news conference Thursday night, prosecutors showed one still picture of what appears to an object in Truitt’s right hand. They said it was a gun.

Family attorney Gerald Griggs wants to know why the DA chose not to present charges to the grand jury on top of the evidence.

“Hopefully elected officials are watching this around the state and will revise the handling of these police involved shootings,” Griggs said.

For context, Jose asked legal analyst Esther Panitch to weigh in.

“If they’re not going to give the guidance to the grand jury, if they’re not going to tell them what kind of crimes are on the table to be considered, and what evidence may or may not support that, they’re essentially saying do not indict his person,” Panitch said.

Jose asked the district attorney’s office why it didn’t present charges. A spokeswoman said: “We chose to use that procedure so that there is a clear, transparent record of the evidence that was presented to the grand jury.”