Police saturate victims' neighborhoods to find alleged serial rapist

Police saturate victims' neighborhoods to find alleged serial rapist

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Clayton County police need your help catching a serial rapist who they say has attacked seven times.

The rapist has been preying on women across the county since 2015 and is still on the run.

Investigators say DNA evidence links the man to seven rapes. His latest attack was early Saturday morning at an apartment complex on Southlake Parkway.

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“I’m scared. I’m like terrified,” neighbor Ebonee Mason-Hall told Channel 2’s Kristen Holloway. “We’re all in danger. Men, woman ...everybody. This is a sick individual if you’ve been out here doing it for years.”

Clayton County police held a news conference Friday, saying the seven victims are African-American women. But police said all women need to be vigilant.


“When you’re coming home in the evening and when you’re leaving, you need to be with a friend or spouse, someone, so you’re not by yourself,” said Maj. Craig Hammer with the Clayton County Police Department.

Hammer told Holloway that the predator typically attacks between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

“He’s used a knife on two instances, a handgun in one, a mallet in another and other cases we’ve looked at, there has been no weapon,” Hammer said.

Out of the seven cases, hammer said two children have witnessed the assault.

In the meantime, police told Holloway that they are saturating the areas where the rapes occurred and they’re following up on every lead.

“We’re doing everything as a police department that we can because we want this person off the street just as much as the public does,” Hammer said.

Police say they’re working with the Georgie Bureau of Investigation to get the DNA evidence back quicker. They’re hoping to have that back by next week.