Clayton County

New crime-fighting tool looks like something out of superhero movie

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is deploying a cutting-edge crime-fighting tool that looks like it belongs in a superhero movie.

The device, known as the Grappler, is designed to assist deputies in safely stopping high-speed car chases.

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Channel 2′s Tom Jones was in Clayton County Wednesday, where he showed people a video of how the Grappler works.

The device is released from a deputy’s car and attaches to the axle of a vehicle that is trying to speed away, allowing officers to bring it to a controlled stop.


“That is awesome,” said Tanga Bostic, who lives in Clayton County. “It seems to be a good asset to the Sheriff’s department.”

One deputy used the Grappler to stop a stolen gold Cadillac.

“I’m pretty sure it’s a stolen vehicle,” the deputy says on video. “It’s a golden Cadillac.”

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After the deputy radioed in the stolen car and waited for backup, video showed him bump the car, then release the Grappler.

Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen pointed out that there is one big downside. Deputies have to replace the expensive straps the Grappler uses after each deployment.

Allen said it would take more money from the Board of Commissioners to get more of the Grapplers. He said they are a very effective tool, but just cost too much to operate consistently.

Tanga Bostic said she thinks the investment is worthwhile.

“If the police can mitigate risk and retrieve the property of the consumer safely, we’re all for it,” she said.

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