Allegations of alcohol for votes is ‘outrageous,' councilwoman says

CLAYTON COUNTY — A newly-elected councilwoman is calling allegations of voter interference involving alcohol a "flat-out lie."
Kimberly James is responding to a complaint filed by her Forest Park opponent on Friday. Tommy Smith, who lost his Ward 1 seat to James, accuses her and the newly-elected mayor of offering alcohol to people in exchange for votes. The complaint, filed in Clayton County Superior Court, contains more allegations of voter interference, collusion and absentee ballot harvesting.

After the story aired on Channel 2 Action News on Friday, James returned messages left by Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Nicole Carr. She told Carr she wanted to speak out after seeing the story that upset her teenage daughter. 
"It's outrageous. It really is," said James. "I haven't even been sworn in yet and I think this is my first opportunity to be a voice for our community and say our community isn't like that."
James said she still hadn't been served with the complaint as of Monday, and had not yet been contacted by the Secretary of State's office.


James said she thought the allegations were a joke, but believes they boil down to dirty politics.
"I just feel like he (Smith) owes everybody an apology because this is just so… I really believe it's because he lost and he's lashing out."
The state confirmed its receipt and review of the complaint. No investigation has been opened in the case.