Clayton County

Driver kills man in self-defense during road-rage incident, police say

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A driver was killed in a shootout in the middle of a Clayton County intersection Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Highway 42 and Lake Harbin Road.

A witness told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen that she was in her car when she came to the stoplight and she heard something she wasn't expecting -- gunfire.

“Everything just happened so fast,” the witness said, asking not to be identified. “I pulled up to the red light and we just heard a bunch of fires, gunshots. Bullets were coming from one car.”

Clayton County police said two drivers had a heated verbal exchange at the red light, when Zachery Everett, 34, of Rex, got out of his car and approached the other car. He started shooting at the driver, who fired back, shooting Everett at least once, police said.

Police said Everett got back in his car before losing consciousness and dying.

Police said the other driver left the scene and called police from a nearby location.

The driver will not be charged since police determined they acted in self-defense.


Barbara Hamilton lives across the street. She told Pozen that she saw the commotion as she returned home Saturday afternoon.

“I knew it was something big. The CSI was there. They had the crime scene tape across the road,” Hamilton said.

“It was just a sad sense of road rage and somebody ended up dead today, over road rage,” the witness told Pozen.  

The shooting has Hamilton thinking twice about reacting to other drivers on the road while behind the wheel. 

“You never know. You have to be careful about how you offend other people,” Hamilton said. 

Police have not yet released the name of the driver who died or the name of the driver they are interviewing.