• UGA students involved in fatal wreck returning from Iron Horse statue

    ATHENS, Ga. - The Georgia State Patrol confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that next week they plan to reconstruct a crash that killed four University of Georgia students and left another critically injured. 
    Authorities say the five students had taken a picture at the iconic Iron Horse sculpture before the crash occurred Wednesday on Highway 15 in Oconee County, about 15 miles from campus.
    A simple memorial of flowers and a Bulldogs cap sit in the spot where Agnes Kim's car ran off the road after crossing the centerlines and crashing into an oncoming vehicle.
    State police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash, which killed four students: Christina Semeria, Halle Scott, Kayla Canedo and Brittany Feldman. Agnes Kim was driving the car and survived.
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    State police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash, which killed four students: Christina Semeria, Halle Scott, Kayla Canedo and Brittany Feldman. 
    Police also say four of the five were wearing seat belts. 
    GSP released the incident report from the crash late Friday that said one of the five students was thrown from the car.
    Investigators said they will be returning to the crash site Monday to recreate the wreck. 
    Keith Young is erecting buildings on a UGA research farm. The farm is home to the iconic Iron Horse sculpture.
    Originally installed on the UGA campus, the sculpture was moved to the farm in 1959 after students kept vandalizing it.
    Now, students make a ritual trip to the sculpture to take pictures early and late in the day.
    “A lot of students from the University of Georgia come out trying to get pictures of the Iron Horse,” Young said. 
    A sorority security guard told Regan the five students also went to take pictures at the sculpture Wednesday night. 
    It was, possibly, their last stop prior to the fatal crash.
    For reasons still unknown, driver Agnes Kim crossed from the north to the southbound lane.
    “I just started praying immediately for the family," Young said. 
    Young said the tragedy touched him in a way that only a father could understand.
    “I have a daughter at UGA. And I didn’t really sleep very much that night it happened. So, we're really shook up about it,” Young said. 
    Channel 2 Action News has learned details about the condition of the crash's loan survivor, Agnes Kim.
    Kim remains at Athens Regional Medical Center where her condition still isn't good enough for visitors.
    Hospital workers say Kim remains in critical condition. Family and friends remain by her side.
    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas obtained an email sent out by the group Young Life of Greater Athens and Kim’s roommate. 
    It says the 21-year-old has a serious brain injury and remains in a coma.
    Kim underwent one surgery already but faces more in the future. 
    The email encourages friends to remain optimistic, but realistic about the entire situation. 

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