• Dentist arrested on charges he threatened Uber driver over dashcam video

    By: Tom Regan


    WOODSTOCK, Ga. - A Woodstock dentist was arrested on charges that he threatened an Uber driver over the car's dashcam. The entire incident was captured on the video, which the driver turned over to police. 

    Damon Bond surrendered to police on a misdemeanor simple assault charge Monday. He has since been released.

    Several Channel 2 Action News viewers shared the video of the encounter, which was posted to social media. Bond claimed to have a gun and demanded the driver turn over his dash camera. The driver reported the incident to police.

    The driver, Nathan Harrison, said Bond was drunk and claimed to have a gun.

    Channel 2's Tom Regan learned that this is the second time this dentist had a threatening encounter with an Uber driver. 

    Harrison picked up Bond on Friday night from a bar and restaurant in Woodstock. Like many ride-share drivers, Harrison had a camera mounted on his rearview mirror. 

    The ride started pleasantly but quickly turned sour when the driver pulled up to Bond's property. Bond demanded the video footage and threatened to rip the camera off of the car. 


    "So all you gotta do is turn over your video footage," Bond says on camera. "You can hand that thing to me or we're gonna have a big f***ing problem."

    Bond appears to be wearing a latex glove on one hand on the video. The driver asks him if he can just delete the footage but Bond continues to demand it. 

    "What should I do?" Harrison asks. 

    "'Well, that's up to you bro. You're in my home now," Bond said. "And all of sudden you're on my private property. And I'm about to f***ing kick your butt."

    Thomas spoke to Jay Baker with the Cherokee County sheriff's office, who said the confrontation kept going when Bond got out of the car. 

    "What you don't see on the video, according to the driver, the passenger gets out and tells him he has a gun," Baker said. 

    Bond later turned himself in. 

    Thomas learned that Bond had a prior confrontation with another ride-share driver. 

    "It was reported that he was intoxicated, pretended to have a gun," Baker said. "That driver pulled over and ran from the scene."

    Bond was not arrested in that case. 

    Thomas went to Bond's house to try to get his side of the story but he wasn't at home. His dental practice in Woodstock was closed.

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