BIG changes at Atlanta airport: New gates, more flights, less parking

ATLANTA — A construction project to add five new gates to the T-North Concourse will force the relocation of an exit road and the elimination of nearly 1,100 parking spaces at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson's Assistant General Manager for Planning and Development, Tom Nissalke, told Channel 2 Action News that the airport is at full capacity with 192 departure/arrival gates.

Adding five news gates will mean an additional 40 flights per day.

“There are existing airlines that want to provide more service, and we also know there are other airlines that want to start service here,” Nissalke said. “We aren’t able to accommodate either of those demands. We are at capacity.”

The $330 million construction project will add the five new gates to the current end of the T-North Concourse.


That will force the relocation of two large buildings.

To accommodate the large construction project, the north terminal exit road will have to be moved several hundred feet over, and that, said Nissalke, will force the removal of nearly 1,100 employee and passenger parking spaces from the North Economy Lot.

The project to begin eliminating parking spots has already begun.

“So give yourself a little extra time coming to the airport and think about your parking strategy,” Nissalke said.

Nissalke said the airport does plan to open two new major parking areas by the fall of 2020 that will add more than 6,000 new spaces.

The T-North Concourse project is expected to last until October 2022.