Taking vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19, new study suggests

Taking vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19, new study suggests

ATLANTA — A recent study is getting a lot of attention saying we should be getting outside during quarantine.

One doctor told Channel 2 anchor Wendy Corona that with every new day, comes new insight to coronavirus.

A new study from Northwestern University suggests a strong correlation between severe vitamin D deficiency and death rates in COVID-19 patients.

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“We do believe that there is a link between vitamin D and immunity and it’s very possible that being vitamin D deficient could set you up for a worse infection,” said Dr. Arielle Levitan. “They found that there was a correlation between lower vitamin D levels and the severity of the disease.”

Vitamin D helps fight inflammation, boosts your immune system and supports lung function -- areas which COVID-19 attacks.


Vitamin D is the one your body makes with sunshine or you get it through a supplement.

At Lakeside Pharmacy in Forsyth County, Apollon Constantinides told Corona that zinc, vitamin C and recently, vitamin D are popular purchases in this pandemic.

“As soon as we get them in, they’re gone,” Constantinides said. “Most of the products that are available at pharmacies are at a dose and regimen that should not cause you any kind of issue.”

Of course, multivitamins and some foods are fortified with vitamin D, but as we age, our absorption lessens, so Levitan recommends a supplement.

“It’s very hard to get enough without taking a supplement for most people,” Levitan said.

Both warned people not to go overboard with overloading the body with vitamin D.

Instead, they ask you to reach out to your health care provider and learn what’s a good vitamin D level for your body, since everyone is different.

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