People on edge after satanic symbols spray-painted on fences, church sign

Neighbors said some of the symbols appeared there as early as last night.

ATLANTA — Neighbors are upset because someone keeps spray-painting satanic symbols and threats all over a southwest Atlanta neighborhood.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was in Lakewood Heights, where people found "666" and the words "die" and "payback" spray-painted on their fences, utility boxes and a church sign.

Neighbors said some of the symbols appeared there as early as last night.

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Washington spoke to neighbor Rita Hall, who said the symbols make her nervous. Hall lives right down the street from where someone painted "666" on a church sign. A church member came by and covered it up, but since then, more symbols and words have appeared.

"This is our second time for these 666s in our neighborhood," Hall said. "It's bad."

When Washington got to Pryor Street on Tuesday, she saw symbols and explicit words on fences, utility boxes, even storefronts.


Washington called Councilwoman Joyce Shepard, who represents the area. She said she is aware of the problem in the area and that Atlanta police are on notice.

"They're going to beef up patrols in that area and be very aggressive," Shepard said.

Washington also spoke to Atlanta police, who said they vandalism is not gang related, but they will have units patrolling the area starting as early as Wednesday morning. In two weeks, neighbors can expect to see more officers on foot and on the lookout.

Police said the person or people responsible will face criminal charges.

"I want it removed and I want the perps to be caught," Hall said.