Republican member of Fulton election board files lawsuit over primary, refused to certify election

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has learned that one of the members of the Fulton County Board of Elections has filed a lawsuit against the county, the board, and the county’s election director saying she has been “prevented from performing her statutory duties as a BRE member as she has been denied, and continues to be denied, access to essential election materials and processes by which elections in Fulton County are conducted.”

Julie Adams, a Republican, joined the board in February.

According to the lawsuit, it said Adams “swore an oath to ‘prevent fraud, deceit, and abuse’ in Fulton County elections and to ‘make a true and perfect return.’ These obligations are frustrated by the repeated and continuing refusal to allow Plaintiff access to, and direct knowledge of, the information Plaintiff reasonably believes she needs to execute her duties faithfully and thoroughly.”


In her complaint, Adams said she voted against certification in the March 12 presidential preference primary because her request for information from the board chair and county officials was denied.

The lawsuit is not impacting the primary results.

On Tuesday morning, the Fulton County Board of Elections certified that May 21 primary, with Adams abstaining.

“The people in this department do an exceptional job every year. The problem that we have in Fulton County is the continuous misrepresentation of what actually is going on,” Democratic board member Aaron Johnson said Tuesday.

On Friday, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party of Georgia filed a motion to intervene saying the lawsuit “threatens to impair DNC’s and DPG’s interests.”


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