Reporters not let into Walker event 1 day after bombshell report he paid for woman’s abortion

ATLANTA — Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker left reporters out of his public appearance Tuesday at one of Atlanta’s most well-known churches.

It comes after an explosive allegation in the Daily Beast that he asked a former girlfriend to get an abortion and paid for it.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray tried talking to Walker Tuesday about this campaign bombshell.

He asked for Walker to sit down with him and talk about the article and its claims in a one-on-one interview. Gray also tried to attend the prayer luncheon hosted for Walker at a prominent Atlanta church.

Yelling at his moving car was as close as Gray was allowed to get to Walker.

Gray was told reporters weren’t welcome at what was billed as a Walker prayer luncheon at First Baptist Atlanta.

“There was a decision by the campaign and the church to not allow media,” a representative told Gray. “This is a closed event. It’s a prayer event with faith leaders.”

The prayer luncheon comes one day after the explosive allegations that in 2009 Walker encouraged his then girlfriend to have an abortion.


The Daily Beast said the unnamed woman provided a receipt from the clinic, a “get well” card she said was from Walker, and an image of a check that appears to be from Walker for $700.

Walker, who said he opposes abortion with no exceptions, took to Fox News on Monday night to deny the allegation.

“I never asked anybody to get an abortion. I never paid for an abortion,” Walker said.

While Walker would not talk on Tuesday, supporter Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom coalition dismissed the news as a 13-year-old anonymous allegation.

“Is there anything that Herschel Walker could do that you would not support him?” Gray asked Reed.

“If you are pro-life, then Raphael Warnock is an extremist,” Reed said.

But Walker’s son, Christian Walker, a Conservative social media star, posted multiple messages over the past 24 hours on Twitter criticizing his father.

“Family values people? He has four kids, four different women, wasn’t in the house raising one of them. He was out having sex with other women,” Christian Walker said.

Walker went on the record with Channel 2 Action News about his stance on abortion last spring.

“There’s no exceptions in my mind. I believe in life,” Walker said.

Walker’s Democratic opponent, Raphael Warnock, isn’t talking about the controversy — instead reaffirming his support for a woman’s right to choose.

“I have been consistent in my view that a patient’s room is too narrow and crammed for space for a woman, her doctor and the government,” Warnock said.